volume XII, number 1 (january 2012)

Ceremonies and Festivals in Central and Eastern Europe since 1918

Guest Editor:
Marta Filipova

Marta Filipova

“Equal to the Kings?” Viewing Wawel Burials of the Interwar Period
Patrice M. Dabrowski

“A Permanent Motive Force of Indefatigable Effort”: Reframing the Role of Sokol in Czechoslovakia
Abram Fox

Consecrating Sites of Serbian Great War: Sebac, Cer and the Macva Region in Serbia’s Commemorative Culture of the First World War
Melissa Bokovoy

Of Heroes, Loved Ones, and Politics: Celebrating All Saints’ Day in 20th-Century Poland
Laurie Koloski

Ritual of the May Day Parade in Poland between 1945 and 1989
Piotr Oseka

Celebration, Festival, and Holiday in Former Czechoslovakia in the 1960s and 1970s as Art Forms for Alternative and Non-Official Art
Andrea Euringer-Batorova

Christopher Long: PEVSNER- THE EARLY LIFE:GERMANY AND ART by Stephen Games

Vladimir Kulic: EDVARD RAVNIKAR: ARCHITECT AND TEACHER edited by Ales Vodopivec and Rok Znidarsic

Kimberly Elman Zarecor: CAPITAL CITIES IN THE AFTERMATH OF EMPIRES: PLANNING IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE edited by Emily Gunzberger Makas and Tanja Damlanovic Conley

Three Reports on Recent Polish Art Books
Piotr Szaradowski

Two Reports on Hungarian Modern Art Exhibitions
Jeff Taylor

Report on Bauhaus Architects from the Hungarian City of Pecs
Jozsef Sisa