volume X, number 3 (september 2010)


Part I: Little Journals


Zenon Przesmycki's Chimera: Designing a Modernist Journal
Jenni Drozdek

Context and Controversy around Prague's Umelecky Mesicnik (Art Monthly), 1911-1914
Naomi Hume

Little Journals in Lithuania: From Tygodnik Wilenski to Vairas
Laima Lauckaite

Part II: Internatinal Exhibitions, National Aspirations

Herman Bolle and Croatian Pavilion at the Exhibition in Trieste (1882) and Budapest (1885 and 1896)
Dragan Damjanovic

National Identity, World Exhibitions and Hungary
Janos Gerle

The Panama-Pacific International Exhibition: The American Debut of Hungarian Art or its Bermuda Triangle?
Gergely Barki

Reviews and Reports
Aleksandra Aleksnadraviciute: Report on the Publications of Research on Sacral Art in Lithuania

Nana Last: LESSONS FROM BERNANRD RUDOFSKY: LIFE AS A VOYAGE, edited by Architecturzentrum, Vienna