volume X, number 2 (may 2010)


Part I: Biedermeier / Neo-Biedermeier

Guest editor:
Christopher Long

Christopher Long

Otherwordly Worldliness: Romantic Fantasy and Biedermeier Desire in Schinkel's Berlin
Freyja Hartzell

Clarity, Purity and Restraint: The Biedermeier and the Origins of Twentieth-Century Modernism
W. Owen Harrod

Adolf Loos and the Biedermeier Revival in Vienna
Christopher Long

Part II: Spa and Resort Architecture, 1850-1930

In What Style Should we Build a Spa Church? The Catholic Church in Marienbad
Jindrich Vybiral

Notes on Turn-of-the-Century Architecture in Vojvodina
Bogdan Janjusevic

A Report on Krynica-Zdroj, a Spa Resort in Poland

Michal Wisniewski

Vladimir Kulic: Essay Review. Coming to Terms with Socialism: Historicizing the Architecture of the Recent Past in Former Yugoslavia

Aleksandar Ignatovic: Ten Reports on Recent Serbian Art Books