"CENTROPA is a preeminent journal in the rapidly-expanding field of Central European art and architectural history."
Mark Jarzombek, MIT

"This lively international forum adds immensely to the understanding of art and culture in Central Europe."
Timothy Benson, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

"This journal provides a long-awaited and much-needed cultural bridge across art disciplines, across geographies, and across histories in Central Europe."
Steven Mansbach, University of Maryland

CENTROPA is the first English-language journal to examine the cultural and historical legacies from all chronological periods of Central European countries as a product of both their unique development and of their interaction with other nations.

The journal's thematic issues are devoted to architecture, urban planning, landscape design, painting, architectural decoration, sculpture, and preservation. The articles are prepared by scholars from both Central Europe and the West.

Wojciech Balus
Milka Bliznakov
Thomas Da Costa Kaufmann
Steven Mansbach
Stefan Muthesius
Jozef Sisa
Jindrich Vybiral

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