1999 Ph.D., Art History, University of Chicago
1992 M.A., Art History, University of Chicago
1991 B.A., suma cum laude, Art History, Washington University, St. Louis, MO

Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Department of Art, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (with tenure)
Spring 2008
Fulbright-Luce Lecturer, School of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Assistant Professor, Department of Art, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (tenure track)
Assistant Professor, School of Art and Design, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL (tenure track)
Instructor, School of Art and Design, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL
Spring 1997
Visiting Lecturer, Art History Dept., Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Visiting Lecturer, Art Department, Maryville University, St. Louis, MO

Fellowships, Grants & Awards

CIES/IIE Fulbright-Luce Lectureship for China, U.S. State Department, Tsinghua University, Beijing
Central European Editions Translation Grant, Erste Foundation/Institute fur die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna
Special Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, Office of Research, University of Kentucky
Faculty International Travel Grant, University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts
Travel Grant for Key Speakers, British Academy, to attend AAH conference in Bristol, England.
Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, University of Kentucky, Office of Research
Faculty International Travel Grant, University of Kentucky, College of Fine Arts
Fulbright-Hayes Faculty Research Fellowship, Education Department, 12 month research residency in Poland at the Art History Institute of the Jagiellon University in Kraków
Fulbright American Scholar Faculty Research Fellowship, U.S. State Department, 9 month research residency– award declined
Faculty Research Grant, Southern Illinois University, ORDA
University Women’s Professional Advancement Award, Southern Illinois University,
Whiting Fellowship, The University of Chicago,
Individual Advanced Research Grant, International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), 9 month research residency in Poland
USIA/IIE Fulbright Dissertation Research Grant, 9 month research residency in Poland, for field work on the dissertation, awarded, declined in favor of IREX award
Century Fellowship, The University of Chicago, 4 years, full tuition & stipend
Visiting Committee Travel Fellowship, The University of Chicago, pre-dissertation travel grant to Poland
Phi Beta Kappa, Washington University, St. Louis, MO


Books and Edited Volumes

Guest Editor for Eastern and Central Europe, Grove Art Online. Oxford University Press, 2011-2012

Guest Editor, Central European Art Groups, 1880-1914, Centropa 11, no. 1 (January 2011).

Guest Co-Editor (with Adrienne Kochman), Parallel Narratives: Construction of National Art Histories in Central Europe, Centropa 8, no. 3 (September 2008).

Editor, Partisan Canons. Durham, N.C.: Duke University Press, October 2007.
An anthology exploring the mechanics of canon formation and maintenance. Contributors include: Jenny Anger, Marcia Brennan, James E. Cutting, Paul Duro, James Elkins, Barbra Jaffee, Robert Jensen, Jane C. Ju, Monica Kjellman-Chapin, Julie L. McGee, Terry Smith, and Linda Stone-Ferrier.

Guest Co-Editor (with Peter Chametzky), Modernism and Nationalism, Postmodernism and Postnationalism?, Centropa 1, no. 3 (September 2001).

Essays and Articles
“True Art and Pseudo Art: Symbolist Discourse on Autonomy and Value,” in Symbolist Roots of Modernism, edited by Michelle Facos and Thor Mednick. New York: Ashgate, forthcoming in 2014.

“Missing in Action: Digital Video Art and the Internet,” The Challenge of the Object / Die Herausforderung des Objekts, CIHA Congress Proceedings, T. 1-3. Edited by G. Ulrich Großmann/Petra Krutisch. Nuremberg: Germanisches Nationalmuseum, forthcoming 2013.

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Piotr Piotrowski, In the Shadow of Yalta: Art and the Avant-garde in Eastern Europe, 1945-1989. London: Reaktion Books, 2009.

Other Publications

“Dana Hargrove: Divide and Consider.” Exhib. Cat. essay. Philadelphia: Bridgette Meyer Gallery, 2008, np.

Managing Editor, Joel Feldman. Annotated Landscapes. Exhib. Cat. Mt. Vernon, IL: Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, 2004.

“Poland.” In Encyclopedia of Sculpture. Antonia Boström, ed. New York: Routledge, 2003.

Conference Organized, Sessions Chaired

Chinese Visual Culture Symposium, Contested Ground: Visual Culture in China after 1989, University of Kentucky, October 2011, conference organizer.

“Partisan Canons, Part I: Discursive Sites” and “Partisan Canons, Part II: Institutional Sites,” College Art Association Conference, Seattle, February 2004, sessions chair

“Designing Imperialism,” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, Yale University, New Haven, April 2000, session chair

“Modernism and Nationalism, Postmodernism and Postnationalism?,” HGCEA Session, College Art Association Conference, New York, February 2000, session co-chair

Paper Presentations


“Missing in Action: Digital Video Art and the Internet,” International Congress of Art History, Nuremberg, Germany, July 2012

“What to do with ‘Bad’ Eastern European Art?,” Art History Meets Art Theory, The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute’s East-Central Europe Seminar Series Unfolding Narratives: Art Histories in East-Central Europe after 1989, New Europe College & Institute for Advanced Study, Bucharest, Romania, May 2011.

“From Schools to a Movement: Changing Character of the European Art System 1800-1900,” Internationales Symposium: Die Dusseldorfer Malerschule und ihre internationale Ausstrahlung, Museum Kunst Palast, Dusseldorf, January 2011.

“Kunstwissenschaft, World Art History, and Global Art History Discourse,” Art History on the Disciplinary Map in East-Central Europe, The Sterling and Francine Clark Institute’s East-Central Europe Seminar Series Unfolding Narratives: Art Histories in East-Central Europe after 1989, Masyriyk University and Moravian Gallery, Brno, Czech Republic, November 2010.

“Historic Logic of Modernism, or How Contemporary Art was Invented in the Peripheries of Fin de Siecle Europe,” New Histories of Modern Art: The East European Avant Gardes, University of Chicago, February 2010.


“Young Rebels or Consummate Professionals? Fact and Fiction in the Reform of the Krakow School of Fine Arts,” Rebels, Martyrs and the Others: Rethinking Polish Modernism, University of London, June 2009.

“Central European Art Groups and Networks of Competitive Collaboration,” College Art Association Annual Conference, Los Angeles, February 2009.


“New Media and the Art Canon in the Age of Digital Dissemination,” Image In Flux: China Conference, co-organized by Sedona Conferences and Conversations and Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China, November 2006

“Mechanics of Art Canons,” The Art Historical Canon and its Function Seminar, University of Hamburg, part of the European Science Foundation initiative Discourses of the Visible – National and International Perspectives, October 2006

“Art History’s (Ir)relevance?” Annual Conference of the Association of Art Historians, University of Leeds, Leeds, England, April 2006

“History in the Making: National Museum in Krakow and the Creation of the Polish Art History,” Association for the Study of Nationalities Conferences, Columbia University, New York, March, 2006

“Historic Logic of Contemporary Art: the Polish Artworld after 1989,” Aspects of Central & Eastern European Arts: Art, Architecture, Theatre & Music Conference, Osaka University, Osaka Japan, October 2005.

"European Modernism and Mechanics of Art Discourse," Symposium Trans/Boundry in Modern Art , Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, May 2005

"Policing the Boarder Between 'Art' and 'Kitsch'," Annual Conference of Association of Art Historians, Bristol, England, April 2005

“Centers and Peripheries: Language Barriers and Cultural Geography of European Modern Art,” Local Strategies, International Ambitions: Modern Art and Central Europe, 1918-1968 Conference, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, June 2003

“Language Barriers: English, Art History, and Geography of Cultural Significance,” “Global Art in the 21st Century” session, Annual Conference of the Midwest Art History Society, University of Pittsburgh, PA, April 2003

“Domesticating Modernism: National Imagery in Polish Symbolist Painting,” Modernist Studies Association Conference, University of Wisconsin-Madison, October 2002

“Who’s in, Who’s out?: Construction of a Modernist Canon in the Album Polish Art,” Interdisciplinary Nineteenth Century Studies Conference, George Mason University, Washington D.C., April 2002

“A Foreign Manner: The Critical Reception of Polish Impressionism in the 1890s,” Annual Conference of the Association of Art Historians, Oxford University, England, April 2001.

“Shaping the Canon: Legitimization of Modernism in Fin-de-Siècle Poland,” Association of Historians of 19th Century Art Conference, University of Maryland, October 2000.

“Nationalism, Money and Aesthetics: The Controversy over the Monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Cracow, 1875-1898,” 8th Front Range Art Symposium, Denver Museum of Art, November 1999

“Surveying/Surveyed: Metaphors of Gender in Edgar Degas’ Anthropomorphic Landscapes,” Gendered Landscapes Conference, Pennsylvania State University, College Park, PA, May 1999

“To Signify a Nation: The Problem of Polish Fin-de-Siècle Landscape Painting,” College Art Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, January 1995

Public Lectures and Panels

“Who is Contemporary and Who is not? Historiography and Modernism in East Central Europe,” University of Indiana, Bloomington, April 2009

“Natural Culture: Politics of Art in the Age of Art History,” National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2008

“Mechanics of Art Canons,” National Central University, Taipei, Taiwan, June 2008”

“Signs of National Identity in Polish 19th Century Painting,” Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, May 2008

“Art History Programs in the United States: History,Structures, Curricula, Challenges” and “Art History in the Digital Age,” Northwest University, Xi’an, China, May 2008

“Art History in the Digital Age” and “History of Western Art History from Vasari to Visual Studies,” Fudan University, Shanghai, China, April 2008

“The Benjamin Effect: Hyperinflation Anxiety and the Lessons for the Digital Media,” Cleveland Institute of Art, OH, January 2008

Participant, panel discussion "The Figure in Contemporary Representational Painting," Dahesh Museum, New York, April 2005

“A Reluctant Avant-Garde: Modern Art and Nationalism in Fin de Siècle Poland,” public lecture, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland, May 2002

“The New Art History: Discourse, Institutions, Reception,” public lecture, Jagiellon University, Kraków, Poland, May 2002

“Polish Art and Nationalism, 1875-1914,” graduate workshop, University of Indiana, November 2000

Professional & University Service

National / International

Guest co-curator with Michael Beam of traveling exhibition, Joel Feldman. Annotated Landscapes (Cedarhurst Center for the Arts, Sept. 25-Nov. 3, 2004; Castellani Art Museum at Niagara University, Feb. 28-June 20, 2005); and managing editor of the accompanying catalogue

Editor of Eurotexture, HGCEA newsletter (Historians of German & Central European Art & Architecture); member of the board and the executive committee for HGCEA; designer and manager of the HGCEA website

External reader/ reviewer: Getty Foundation, Centropa, University of California Press

Designer and webmaster of the Centropa website

University of Kentucky, Department of Art :
Art History Program Head, 2008-present
Chair, Asian Fine Arts Initiative, College of Fine Arts, 2008-present
Co-Chair, Search Committee for Assistant Professor in Painting, 2008-2009
Director, Tuska Center for Contemporary Art, 2005-2008
Chair, TCCA Advisory Committee, 2006-present
Designer & webmaster of the Art History program website:, 2005-present
Member, Committee on Social Theory, 2003-present
Coordinator of the Visual Studies Workshop and editor of Visual Studies Listserv, 2003-present
Member, Search Committee for Assistant Prof. in Art History, East Asian Field, 2006-2007
Member, Visiting Artist Committee, 2005-2006
Member, Search Committee for Assistant Prof. in Art History, Non-Western Field, 2004-2005

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, School of Art and Design :
Member, Faculty Senate, 2001-2003
Member, Committee on Committees (2001-2003)
Member, Faculty Status and Welfare Committee (2001-2003)
Member, Graduate Council, Fall 1999
Co-Founder and Director, European Studies Forum, 1998-2003
Founder and Coordinator, Theory Workshop, 1998-2003
Director, Graduate Certificate in Art History Program, School of Art & Design, 2001- 2003
Member, Graduate Committee, School of Art & Design, 1998-2003
Coordinator of the Film Series, School of Art & Design, Fall 2001
Member, Committee to Evaluate the Head of Graduate Studies, School of Art & Design, 2000-2001
Member, Foundations Committee, School of Art & Design, 1998-2001
Member, Ad Hoc Committee for Tenure and Promotion, School of Art & Design, Spring 2000
Member, Search Committee for the Art History/ Core Curriculum Assistant Prof. Position, School of Art & Design, 1999-2000
Member, Search Committee for the Assistant Prof. in Glass, School of Art & Design, 1998-1999
Member, Search Committee for the Coordinator of Visual Resources, School of Art & Design, 1998-1999

Professional Affiliations

Chicago School of Media Theory
College Art Association
Association of Art Historians (UK)
Historians of German and Central European Art & Architecture
Association of Historians of Nineteenth Century Art